The Art of Survival (A Fiddler and Fiora Mystery Book 5)

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The Art of Survival

And Kyle, an ideal romantic adventure hero, is her match on all fronts. Pearl Cove , the third book of the "Donovan" series, is set in Australia. Archer Donovan has loved Hannah McGarry since he first met his half brother's new bride ten years earlier. Archer is Len McGarry's distant silent partner in a pearl farming operation until Hannah calls on Archer for help when Len is killed for his pearl necklace, the Black Trinity. Archer rushes to Australia to protect Hannah, who, a variety of shadowy international interests think, knows Len's secret to cultivating the precious black pearls.

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Archer falls even harder for Hannah as they search for the murderer and thief. Hannah is still smarting from her marriage to the unloving Len, and Archer must convince her that he is a different man. A Publishers Weekly reviewer commented that Lowell infuses "the minutiae of pearl diving and of international gem sales into a racy light read. Faith Donovan is a jewelry designer in the more recent Midnight at Ruby Bayou. She is designing a necklace with, unknown to her, rubies that were stolen from a necklace in the Hermitage, in St.

Petersburg , Russia. Also stolen was a twenty-carat ruby ring called the Heart of Midnight that the Russians want to recover, but Faith does not have it. She must deliver the necklace to South Carolina , where she will give it to her best friend, Mel, at her wedding. Faith's brothers send Owen Walker, who had previously been in their employ, to guard her and deliver the jewels. Owen follows Faith south, carrying the necklace, to find the FBI waiting.

The family of the bridegroom, Jeff Montegeau, has a secret that Owen discovers—as well as the missing ring—while he protects Faith from the Russians and local mobsters. Owen, who feels responsible for the death of his brother on an expedition, and Faith, who has broken off a relationship with a man who told her she was frigid, move cautiously toward a relationship.

Booklist reviewer Herald remarked that Lowell "does not stint on the romance as she brings together two deeply wounded individuals … who can't beat the heat that builds up between them. Outside of the "Donovan" series, Maxwell still favors combining action and suspense with romance in her other novels under the Lowell pen name.

In her Moving Target , for example, she writes about Serena Charters, who has inherited a stone cabin in California after her grandmother dies. Among the items in the cabin are a beautiful old scarf and a medieval illuminated manuscript that are obviously of great value. Having the work appraised by an auction house, she is surprised when the appraiser claims the pages are fakes but nonetheless offers her a million dollars.

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Serena decides to have a second appraiser look at the book, and thus meets Erik North; together, they discover that something is very odd about the pages and that they might have caused Serena's grandmother to go mad. Booklist contributor Engelmann praised the "intricate story, which is as finely woven as the wondrous scarf Serena inherits.

Art is again a central concern in the next Lowell adventure, Die in Plain Sight , which Booklist writer Engelmann claimed to be "one of her best.

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Some of his work features strange scenes of people dying, and Lacey is shocked when she finds out that the murders they portray come from real events. Could it be that her grandfather was a killer? Lacey teams up with investigator Ian Lapstrake to uncover the truth, and naturally a romance ensues.

A Publishers Weekly contributor complained that the story is "heavy on romance and light on mystery" and that some of the situations "defy credibility," though the reviewer enjoyed the "engaging lesson on California art. Kat is a lapidary, and so the author gets to indulge her interest in jewelry again in this romantic suspense novel. The story centers on the beautiful, flawless, and valuable Seven Sins, a set of perfect sapphires that Kat has cut herself and that become the object of desire of unsavory thieves.

In The Color of Death , Kat fears that her half-brother, Lee, has been kidnapped by those who want to get their hands on the sapphires, and so she sets out to investigate his disappearance. Unfortunately, a Kirkus Reviews contributor found the story, which is full of tough guys and people "skulking around in dopey disguises," to border on the "ridiculous. With Always Time to Die , the author has a genealogist and author as her protagonist.

Carly May is hired by the governor of New Mexico 's aunt to write a genealogy book that only includes the women members of the family. Traveling to Taos to pursue her research, Carly finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery when her employer's brother-in-law, the wealthy and powerful Andrew Jackson Quintrell III, is killed, thus setting up a family conflict as his legitimate and illegitimate children lay claim to his inheritance.

Carly teams up with Dan Duran to solve the murder, and the pair soon grow attracted to one another. Library Journal reviewer Bette-Lee Fox worried that the novel is evidence that the author "seems to have lost her flare for drama and emotional depth. Maxwell once told CA: "I write to bring joy; intelligent people don't need to be taught that life often is discouraging.

As I have been an avid reader all my life, it is impossible for me to sort out particular influences on my own writing.

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Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. This is the fifth in the series by A. E. (​for Ann and Evan) Maxwell, the husband-and-wife team whose Just Enough. The Art of Survival (Fiddler & Fiora Series) [A. E. Maxwell] on Start reading The Art of Survival (A Fiddler and Fiora Mystery Book 5) on your.

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