Slip, Slide, and Slap Shot (Hardy Boys Clues Bros.)

Slip, Slide, and Slap Shot
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Morton to ask him if you can join the team with Frank. I started playing when I was about your age. I played all the way through high school. I wasn't bad either. I'll try to make it to some of your practices. Maybe I can give you some pointers. Then they started laughing.

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Especially when you're sitting on the ice, Joe. Joe couldn't wait to go to the rink for the first practice the next day. He dreamed about hockey that night. In his dream he glided over the ice with no effort. Hardy said as she drove them to their first practice. You couldn't even stand up last time," Frank said. Then he dodged as Joe went to punch him. We get to ride with Chet," Frank said happily.

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Chet was his best friend at Bayport Elementary School. When they got their rental skates Joe tried not to show that he was disappointed. The boots were old and beat up. When he put them on they felt wobbly and not very comfortable.

Slip, Slide, and Slap Shot

Joe began to have second thoughts. He remembered how hard it had been to balance on skates. He remembered how hard the ice had been when he'd fallen down on it! The other guys are already out there," Frank called from the locker room door. I can do it," Joe called back.

Joe staggered out after Frank. Frank seemed to walk easily on the thin blades. The other boys were already on the ice. Joe recognized Peter and Mark and Jose from Frank's class. They were right in the middle of the rink, a long way from the barrier. They all looked as if they knew how to skate. For a second Joe thought about telling Mr. Morton he didn't want to join the team after all. But then he knew he wasn't going to quit in front of Frank and the fourth graders. Chet clomped over to them. He was munching on Cheezy Wheels, his latest favorite snack.

I didn't know you could skate," he said. Morton called from the ice. We don't want crumbs on the ice. They might make someone trip. How am I going to skate with no energy? Frank grinned at Joe. Let's get out there.

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The new direction the series would take was set in the first volume, Dead On Target , as a bomb planted in the Hardy Boys' car blows up Joe's longtime girlfriend, Iola Morton , in the first chapter. In January the last Casefile , Dead in the Water , was released. This series was published in mass-market, or rack-sized, paperbacks to widen the distribution of the books to supermarkets and other outlets. Events from the Casefiles are not referenced in the Digest series, and Iola Morton is alive and a character connected with Joe Hardy as in the previous 85 titles. In addition, there were three unpublished titles, only two of them known: Book , titled Explosive Force , was written by Jerry Novick, and a complete manuscript exists; Book , titled The Crisscross Crime , was rewritten for the original series, and released as The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew teamed up in this 36 volume series of paperbacks.

This series follows the formula of the main characters and their friends typically involved in separate mysteries that end up being connected. The sleuths join forces to solve the overall mystery. This series is based in the Nancy Drew Files and Hardy Boys Casefiles continuity, so murder, romance, and flirtation between the series regulars are common. Nancy Drew and Frank Hardy share an attraction in this series, though after a brief kiss in The Last Resort this attraction is not acted on.

Subsequent books focus on the respect and friendship that developed between the two and their continued feelings for Ned Nickerson and Callie Shaw. Although the Franklin W. Dixon pseudonym was used, the series was more akin to the then-current Tom Swift IV series and listed in the Tom Swift books as part of that series. Published as mass market paperback books under the Archway imprint of Simon and Schuster.

Once Distican took over the rights in January , the books were all published in the US and just distributed by Distican in Canada with no publishing occurring in Canada. The Clues Brothers books were aimed at younger readers, particularly in third and fourth grades.

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__WIKIA_BANNER__ Slip, Slide, and Slap Shot is the 15th book in The Hardy Boys are: The Clues Brothers series. It was first published in October by. Slip, Slide, and Slap Shot (Hardy Boys Clues Bros. Book 15) - Kindle edition by Franklin W. Dixon, Marcy Ramsey. Download it once and read it on your Kindle.

The series was introduced in and was cancelled in for lack of popularity. Starting in the series is available as ebooks.

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The Hardy Boys: Undercover Brothers is a series of paperback books which replaced the Digest paperbacks in early The Hardy Boys are now agents of A. Books are narrated in the first person with chapters alternating between Nancy's, Frank's, and Joe's view. The reboot series publishes two to three new titles a year in paperback, hardcover book with dust jacket, and as eBooks. This series is written in the first person with chapters alternating between Frank's and Joe's narration.

The first four titles had an initial printing of 25, copies in paperback and 2, copies in hardcover. Books 5 through 8 had an initial print run of 25, in paperback and 5, in hardcover. Books 9 and 10 had an initial print run of 10, in paperback and 5, in hardcover.

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Audio books released starting in on CD and download, read by Tim Gregory. It features the Hardy Boys, Frank and Joe, as grade-school detectives. Three new titles are published yearly as paperback books and eBooks. This series rebooted in as the Hardy Boys Clue Book series.

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Dixon with covers and internal illustrations by Matt David. Illustrations and cover art for book 7 by Santy Gutierrez. This is an interactive series, as readers will get to write down their clues and predictions.

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Bringing a little of his or her world to the story. Pirates Ahoy! This series is based in the Nancy Drew Files and Hardy Boys Casefiles continuity, so murder, romance, and flirtation between the series regulars are common. Trial and Terror Hidden categories: Pages using web citations with no URL.

A page before the final chapter has questions the reader can answer regarding suspects, clues, and solutions. The first book in the series references events in the last book of the Hardy Boys Secret Files series, making this a continuation of that series. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Supermystery.