Making Sense of Life and Death

Enough Already! Making Sense of Senseless Loss
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This time she wanted to build her castle even closer to the water, so the ocean would get its gift sooner! Tender touches from tiny hands that humble the spirit and wet the eyes. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Indeed I was there from its conception and for the four years it took to write it - and, for that matter, the many years of learning and exploration before the notion of a book grew into anything possible. I love that. View Author Profile.

Much like my cousin Joe is doing in his service to our country today. There are so many examples of inspiring people who, despite pain and despite setbacks, rise up and stay the course. I leave you with the end of a note that came from Bonnie after her death. I share her advice with the hope that you will heed it.

The World in a Grain of Sand

She spent her life working to make the world better in every way, and she did what she set out to do. God bless her. God bless those who stay the course. God bless those who are brave enough to accept whatever life throws their way. How you touch and enrich so many lives. And how, hopefully, I touched and enriched your life.

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None of us knows what tomorrow will bring, so my dear loved ones, please live each day with love, compassion and purpose. Thank you! I want to express my deepest gratitude. Former President and Architect of Change Jimmy Carter is a living example of someone who has stayed the course and continues to move humanity forward. At years-young, our 39th president is still writing books, preaching scripture and contributing to multiple national and international causes.

With tears streaming down her cheeks, she ran to me for comfort from this sudden disaster. Outraged, she vowed never to build a sandcastle again!

She walked over to where Sarah and I were sitting and began to explain the nature of sandcastle-building. Her tears instantly turned to a smile.

Making Sense with Sam Harris - On Death

This time she wanted to build her castle even closer to the water, so the ocean would get its gift sooner! I visualized the castle as his life and the crashing wave as his death. I was shocked and angry when his castle was abruptly washed away. What I had missed until that moment was the concept that grief could be a gift-giving process.

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My memories, like the sand on the shoreline, were in front of me — waiting to be touched and felt, ready to be used as building material in the healing process ahead. Reshaping our life in periods of change is not an unfamiliar process. As we grow, we make choices to add new rooms and eliminate others. We build tunnels and bridges to connect our life with helpful people; we build walls and moats to protect ourselves from harm. When a storm passes, we often take time for retreat and reflection.

That day I realized that although our lives are eventually washed away, the granules of our lives remain on the shoreline — they do not disappear. Those granules of sand still exist, as a source of strength and renewal for those left behind. Their attitudes and behavior have been born through grief, through the simple yet empowering process of remembering someone who died. Each life, from the most famous to the most obscure, is a meaningful part of a family touched by love.

Enough Already! Making Sense of Senseless Loss

Grieving, then, becomes the process of standing at the shoreline, sifting through each granule of sand, remembering the person we loved. As we touch and feel each tiny piece of sand, we make choices to keep some granules and let go of others. The gifts we hold closely help rebuild our own sandcastle — temporarily devastated by our grief.

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I returned from our day at the beach with a new perspective on grief. Sarah and I began to look at our memories as a rich source of strength and courage instead of as an anchor to our sorrow.

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Yes, I felt numb and afraid. Yet I was much more willing to tackle this awkward and confusing emotion we call grief. Together, Sarah and I remembered. Our families shared stories, over and over again throughout the years ahead.

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About the Author Francis O'Neill is Irish by birth and although he feels very much at home in England, having lived there for most of his life, he admits that a part of him still lives in a misty and magical world that is associated with his roots. He had by then become secular and existentialist in his beliefs. He writes that he later went through a transformation while exploring psychology and coming across a book by C. From that point on he began to explore life from a different perspective.

It became a lifelong ambition to gain a clearer understanding of the human situation from a spiritual perspective. Life and Death Making Sense of It is an outcome and reflection on this personal journey. It has taken some years to write. He sees the work as a reporting back on what he has discovered on his travels. He is also a practising and award winning astrologer having studied with the Faculty of Astrological Studies and the Mayo School of Astrology in the UK. He has spent a great deal of his life as a field archaeologist supervising excavations, and also as a qualified lecturer in adult education.

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